The tale of the Gloucester High School pregnancy pact has exposed many culprits, many causes and much confusion over what it actually tells us about anything larger than the luck and judgment of 17 now infamous teenage girls.. Why Did Half The Staff Quit? As for Mackey, she ended up marrying her high school boyfriend, Michael. None of the rising juniors TIME identified as being members of the pact have come forward publicly, but nine Gloucester High students have talked to … Since then, a handful of the Gloucester 18 have denied the existence of a pregnancy pact. It's anyone's guess as to why the Gloucester High School staff felt … It was a headline that grabbed the nation's attention in early June of 2008 - a group of teenage girls, none older than 16, allegedly made a pact to get pregnant together. In June of 2008, when 18 Massachusetts teens got pregnant in an alleged "pact," the sleepy fishing town of Gloucester exploded in a moral panic. In his account to Time's reporters, Principal Sullivan maintained that one of the teen pregnancy pact's members pursued a 24-year-old homeless man to father her child. In June of 2008, when 18 Massachusetts teens got pregnant in an alleged "pact," the sleepy fishing town of Gloucester exploded in a moral panic. The two have since had another child but recently separated. DVD: $195 college and university; $95 high school, community college and nonprofit. With Thora Birch, Madisen Beaty, David Clayton Rogers, Max Ehrich. In the summer of 2008, the high school principal of the fishing town of Gloucester, Massachusetts told a TIME Magazine reporter that 18 girls at his school had made a pact to become pregnant. However, despite the media's sensationalized reaction, the town of Gloucester, including its mayor and school superintendent, wasn't as quick to believe Sullivan's story, especially because he couldn't confirm how he had learned of the alleged pact. A Time magazine reporter coined the phrase “pregnancy pact,” and it drew reporters from such faraway places as Brazil, England, and the Netherlands to every corner of Gloucester to report the lascivious details. Sex education was suggestively lacking, yet so were prospective futures for the oft-bored youth. The apparent pact might explain the four-fold increase in teen pregnancies at the school this year. When my TIME colleague Katie Kingsbury … Beneath the unprecedented media fervor are the stories of girls searching … Nearly a decade later, questions remain about whether or not there was a pact to begin with. By May of 2008, Daly had administered some 150 pregnancy tests and confirmed 17 pregnancies - which would later tick up to 18 before the year's end. Gloucester Pregnancy Pact. Lists of bizarre real headlines and 100% true actual news stories from the physical world in which we all really live that are stranger, scarier, and more depressing than any fiction writer could ever dream. had made a pact to become pregnant. Carly is one of the kids born out of the so-called “pregnancy pact,” the purported scandal that shocked the nation when it was reported that 18 high school girls in Gloucester, Mass., were all pregnant at the same time back in 2008. However, like the rest of Sullivan's story, there is a large amount of speculation regarding this claim. You know you've found a perfect cultural touchstone when everyone brushes past it on the way to opposite conclusions. Read: Pregnant Kate Too Sick to See Prince George's First Day of School. The Gloucester 18: The Realities of Teen PregnancyDirected by John Michael Williams; produced by Kristen GriecoMedia Education Foundation67 minutes. In the summer of 2008, Gloucester drew international media attention after a report that a spike in the teen pregnancy rate was the result of a "pact" among teenagers at Gloucester … The Gloucester teen pregnancies became a national scandal after a Time magazine piece revealed the backstory. "But after a day or two, I told my mom.". "It was no, 'Hey, let's do this together,'" she said. The scandal erupted after a school official told Time magazine in June 2008 that the students had made "a pregnancy pact.” From there, heaps of unwanted attention piled on the small fishing town. ... got another one amanda richards. Directed by Rosemary Rodriguez. A supposed "pregnancy pact" at Gloucester High School in Gloucester, Massachusetts has drawn international attention to the small Massachusetts fishing city … Carly is one of the kids born out of the so-called “ pregnancy pact,” the purported scandal that shocked the nation when it was reported that 18 high school girls in Gloucester, … High School who agreed to get pregnant at the same time. The girl in question was never identified and reports never confirmed the sexual allegations. Pact or no pact, public furor over the teen pregnancy spike in Gloucester, Massachusetts, reveals our profound discomfort with teens who decide, for … At the time of the numerous confirmed pregnancies, it was too soon for health officials to determine whether Gloucester was somehow part of a growing trend or simply its own anomaly. The spike in cases of teen pregnancy that happened within just one school year shocked residents of Gloucester. Gloucester High School's Principal at the time, Dr. Joseph Sullivan, told reporters from Time magazine that approximately 8 of the school's 18 soon-to-be pregnant students had formed a “pact” together. The others have gone underground, protected by … This new documentary about a so-called “pregnancy pact,” when 18 students became pregnant at Gloucester High School in Massachusetts during the … In 2008, people across the country were shocked by the events developing in a small Massachusetts town. The scandal shocked the world, breaking in the days before teen moms graced the cover of US Weekly by virtue of MTV reality shows like “16 and Pregnant.” As soon as Time magazine reported the presence of a “pregnancy pact” — as its headline blared in its online edition Thursday — this story, … A young girl has no clue she was at the center of a national uproar before she was even born. The Pregnancy Pact is a 2010 television film directed by Rosemary Rodriguez and starring Thora Birch, Madisen Beaty, and Camryn Manheim, based on the allegedly true story of a 2008 media circus surrounding a large group of teen girls in Gloucester, Massachusetts, who allegedly agreed to concurrently get pregnant, give birth and raise their children communally. Little has been heard from the eighteen girls who catapulted Gloucester into international infamy-until now. She claimed the girls would cry over negative tests. ", Read: Surrogate Mom Gets Pregnant While Carrying Another Couple's Baby. This video is unavailable because we were unable to load a message from our sponsors. In interviews with Time and other news outlets, both the school principal and superintendent reported that the girls celebrated a positive result. If only there had been a Gloucester pregnancy pact. "As far as I know, none of the girls who got pregnant were even friends.". Inspired by the true story of teenagers at Gloucester (Mass.) Why Do People Turn to Conspiracy Theories During Times of Uncertainty. A new French movie about the Gloucester “pregnancy pact.” In 2008, 18 students at the public high school in Gloucester, Mass., became pregnant, four times the school’s typical rate. School health officials first became aware of Gloucester's abrupt increase in teen pregnancies. As the definitive investigation into the Gloucester pregnancy pact, The Gloucester 18 explores what really happened in this hyped and bizarre media circus, and its impact on a small fishing village. Everything would be so much simpler. Commentators have pointed to films portraying pregnancy in … | iHeartRadio The June 2008 allegation that a teenage pregnancy pact may have existed at Gloucester High School in Massachusetts, resulting in 17 pregnancies in a school of 1200 students, rocked a town that counts among its residents a large Catholic population. That's the rumor anyway — a rumor given credence by an interview that Gloucester High School principal Joseph Sullivan gave to Time, in which he described a pact entered into by the girls to get pregnant and raise their babies together. Gloucester Mayor Carolyn Kirk denies any evidence of a pact - a term Principal Sullivan introduced. In Gloucester, a town of 30,000, speculation around the girls' motives has focused on the media. — where a virtual epidemic of high school pregnancies has been tied to a pact reported in TIME … CAMBRIDGE — Was the national and global media fascination with Gloucester High School students' alleged pregnancy "pact" drawn in part from the race and color of the city's 18 pregnant However, birth rates for girls 15 to 17 had risen 3 percent by 2006. In the summer of 2008, news broke nationwide that 18 high school girls from the fishing village of Gloucester, Mass. In the 2006-2007 school year, Gloucester High School's nurse had confirmed four teen pregnancies. One resident said the story was like a black eye for Gloucester, telling Inside Edition, "Is this what we really want to be known for?". The media got the story mostly wrong. Parents blamed the media while school health officials blamed the hospital board for lack of resources. By the end of 2008, there would be a total of 18 pregnancies, with no teen mother over the age of 16, and many of whom were only 15. The previous year, the school had only 4 student pregnancies in comparison. 2008: In June, the Pregnancy Pact scandal takes place at the Gloucester High School during which 7 or 8 high school students become pregnant allegedly as the result of a secret pact to get pregnant that year and raise their children together. School officials discovered the pregnancy pact after some girls seemed disappointed that their pregnancy tests from the school nurse came back negative. As his statements to Time magazine stirred national attention and a local furor over his credibility, the principal of Gloucester High School in Massachusetts has been silent on this year’s spike in pregnancies among his students and the word he used to describe their intentional nature: “pact.”. She later gave birth to Carly, who is now 9 years old and in the 4th grade. In the tight-knit Irish-Catholic community, the blame-game began. The story was never much more specific, and it origins were humble; I know because I was a local reporter in Gloucester … Teen pregnancy can be a controversial matter, involving conversations regarding sex education, contraception, and responsibility. The Real Story Behind the Teen Pregnancy “Pact” Jun 26, 2008, 7:00am Karyn Brownson. Reportedly, the principal of Gloucester High School claimed that many sophomore girls deliberately got impregnated so that they could be mothers together. Mackey said her senior year of high school was “very stressful. Time magazine claimed … Brianne Mackey was just 16 when she found out she was pregnant with Carly. Statistics showed a steady decline in teen birth rates between 1991 and 2005 - attributed to safe sex practices. Go to for 15% off your order! It is accredited by the New England Association of Schools and Colleges and is a member of the Northeast Alliance of High Schools. At the time, she was a junior at Gloucester High School. As the definitive investigation of the Gloucester pregnancy pact, “The Gloucester 18” introduces the world to the girls behind the headlines, many of who are speaking publicly for the first time. As in, the girls vowed to band together in a teen support system following the positive test results. 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"I think that people are always going to sadly think there was some type of pact or some type of thing going on," Mackey said. In 2008, 18 students at the public high school in Gloucester, Mass., became pregnant, four times the school’s typical rate. Nearly a decade later, the community remains haunted by it. In the summer, the film The Perfect Storm is filmed in Gloucester. Some blamed pop culture. The story quickly gained international attention, with news outlets sending in correspondents from places as distant as Brazil and Japan. Gloucester's school nurse, Kim Daly, conceded that the number of girls requesting tests - and coming back weekly for updated results - was a shocking new phenomenon. By March 2008, almost a dozen girls had requested pregnancy tests from the school health clinic. Mackey says she didn’t know any of the girls that got pregnant at the time. Sullivan claimed the students were mostly sophomores when the pact was first formed and that a majority were pregnant by their junior year. Mackey, however, insists there was no pact. After all, unwed teen mothers like Jamie Lynn Spears and Bristol Palin were in the news, and Juno, a film about a pregnant high school student, was nominated for several Oscars at the 2008 Academy Awards. Gloucester High School is a public four-year comprehensive secondary school, with 865 students and 150 faculty and staff, serving Gloucester, Massachusetts. Time magazine claimed the spike was due to a “pregnancy pact” among the girls, and the world’s media decamped to the seaside town to cover the story. On Thursday, Joseph Sullivan broke his silence in an 850-word statement. “I took a test — I didn't tell anybody right away," she recalled to Inside Edition. He also maintained that at least one student pursued a 24-year-old homeless man to father her child. "They will have a … Â. During this time, teen pregnancies at Gloucester High School quadrupled since the previous year.  Yet Superintendent Christopher Farmer says that while the girls may have intentionally gotten pregnant, the concept of a pact is more reflective of post-pregnancy. But, warned the teen mom from Gloucester, Mass. The high school’s student body population was approximately 1,200 students and already more than triple the number of the previous school year’s students had become pregnant. Inside Edition reached out to the school official who told Time of the pregnancy pact, but he refused to comment on our story. That said, the 18 girls at the same high school did get pregnant in the same year.