The author of the work is a true expert and professional player in this field. This book is worth reading for those who decided to seriously engage in gambling. Poker is considered to be Mason's favorite topic, so everyone who is addicted to this card game will be surprised at the seriousness with which the author approaches the consideration of common problems and aspects.

In his book, he tells not only how to become successful in the game, but also, no less important, why. In addition to describing the many tables with the probability of winning, Malmut helps the reader understand how a true professional thinks. The modern gaming portal Casino Now in Switzerland, the main specialization of which is the latest trends in mobile casino, follows the same principles and canons that are described in this book. It is very important to convey to the player those concepts that he must follow in order to achieve success.

On top of that, this book can be called a training course on "How to achieve success in the game". Mason Malmut makes it clear to the reader that winning is not only the merit of experience and ingenuity, but also correct thinking. You need to play and think like a professional, and then you will achieve serious results.

As was to be expected, Malmut could not get past his favorite topic - the game of poker - which he examines in the chapter Theory of Gambling and other issues, along with other games of chance, such as blackjack. Unfortunately, you can’t call it easy reading, however, anyone who takes gambling seriously should read it.