Manuscript guidelines

General remarks


Due to the fact that this textbook is to be available to hand surgeons from around the globe, we require that manuscripts are submitted in English. Perfect, stylish English is not essential but the language must be clear and unambiguous.


The intention to offer a manual to hand surgeons for all-day-practice as well as a textbook for doctor-in-training suggests a concise and accessible writing style to meet their respective requirements.


There are no explicit word, figure, or supporting information restrictions.

Abbreviations and acronyms

We recommend to keep abbreviations to a minimum. The use of non-standard abbreviations should be avoided. All abbreviations are to be identified when first used.  


To obtain uniformity within the textbook, please consider the following sections – if applicable – within your text:

  • Introduction (Relevance, Problem, …)
  • Basics (Anatomy, Pathophysiology, Epidemiology)
  • Classification
  • Clinical aspects
  • Diagnostics
  • Therapy (options, including results, techniques)
  • Author's preferred method
  • Conclusion
  • References

Surgical techniques

Please include a description of surgical techniques for your topic. All these contents throughout the book will be collected in a rubric “Surgical techniques”. We encourage you to add videos, schemes, pictures as well as textual descriptions about significant surgical techniques in detail.



If you wish to include extracts (text, images, videos, tables) from another publication, only use them if you have obtained permission for that from the author.

Protection of patients' rights to privacy

When using records of patients it must be guaranteed that the person is not identifiable on the basis of the portrayal. Otherwise, the author must seek explicit consent from the person concerned (or their representative) that he agrees to the publication in the present form. The existence of such a consent is to be confirmed by the author in writing.

Conflict of interests

Financial or other support of institutes or companies, as well as promotion funds, is to be stated in the acknowledgments. All financial or other connections, which the author has to a company, whose products or competition products play an important role in represented facts of the matter, should be described and enclosed on a separate form. This notification is handled confidentially and only when the manuscript is accepted for publication does the editorial staff discuss with the author in which form this information will be relayed.




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