The novel concept behind this Hand Surgery Textbook, is to provide readily-available and up to date information electronically, which addresses all aspects of the hand, and is freely available on the internet.
Furthermore, since the aim of the originators of this text book is to represent the collective knowledge and views of the international “Hand Management Family”, all knowledgeable experts are invited to participate and contribute. The aim is to have a data base of the latest facts, experience and expertise which is continually updated, and is readily accessible  by everyone involved in the management of the hand.
The charter of the International Federation of Societies for Surgery of the Hand (IFSSH) states that its main objective is to promote and disseminate knowledge about the hand.  It is for this reason that the IFSSH endorses this initiative, and would encourage all its members to be actively involved in this ongoing, “living” project. The title of this book therefore aptly reflects these elements: “Living Textbook of Hand Surgery”.

With sincere regards to all my colleagues,

Ulrich Mennen

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Citation Note

Mennen U. Foreword. In: Handchirurgie Weltweit e.V., editor. Living Textbook of Hand Surgery. Version 2014-10-30. Cologne: gms; 2014-.

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